• Shotski

    Grab your friends, family and something good to drink.
    Completely customize your ski! Our shot skis are hand-painted by extremely talented artists who can paint whatever you come up with. ( Your school, sports team, t.v show, dog, inside jokes, a portrait of you and your roommates +).  
    1. Order your ski here. 
    		Frat Proof Epoxy: 
    The highest strength to keep your design and product safe. You will want this if you are using your ski for shots, traveling with it, and putting it to good use. There are no garuntees. (Included in price) The frat proof epoxy is designed to protect the art work underneath it. During the 48 hour curing process there may be some imperfections including drip marks and uneven settling. These are extremely difficult to prevent but we try our priority is to make sure the art work is protected. 
    	Glitter Gloss Epoxy:
     Frat Proof Epoxy with glitter mixed into epoxy before curing. 
    2. Design 
       a)  An artist will contact you to connect, make sure they completely understand your design and you will be able to send them reference photos. 
       b) Having difficulty deciding? Below choose "artist assistance"  to have an artist to call you and help you come up with the best design.
    3. Rush Fee, Pick-Up and Shipping 
    	 Want it ASAP? - we got you! (Rush fee days does not include the time it takes to ship). 
    4. Painting
    	Your artist will contact you a second time to make sure you love the ski! ( feel free to ask for updates). 
    5. Start Drinking!
    Turn around time: 1 Month 
    Rush options available
    Shipping is by USPS.
    Metallic Gold Paint
    Turn around time
    • Product Overview: Handmade item Rusted Pine LLC board Dimensions (60” x 3.5” x 0.75”) Weight (approximately 4 lbs.) 4 Shot glass holes (1 1/2”) 

       Shot glasses not included, however, any 1.5 or 2.0 oz glass would fit! 

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