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Mauloff Beverage Company Brief 

Between now and your deadline, I will create several variations of the logo and improve the logos each time until you find one to perfectly embody your brand. 

Using these characteristics that Greg Mauloff provided for me, I focused on a clean, sophisticated look. The simplicity and limited colors attract an adult demographic, a staple of the beverage industry. Instead of using the abbreviation MBC, I included the name Mauloff a decision made due to his name being well known throughout the beverage industry. and brings the experience and honesty aspect to the logo on its own. The Chicago flag across the middle of the “M” fulfills the image of a Chicago based company. 


Creative Process

Mauloff Beverage Company’s logo was created using the company values: 

  • Strength 

  • Sophistication 

  • Affordable luxury 

  • Valued consultant 

  • Adult only 

  • Experience and honesty 

  • Chicago based company 


Contact Us

901 Rollins Ave. #1212B 

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MU Student Center Strickland Entrance 

Across from the Mizzou Mart 

Adjacent to US Bank and Print and Mail



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